Muse Strike

December 15, 2010

When the muse strikes, it’s not always a good thing. Sometimes, the muse actually seems to be on strike, as it fails to bring forth any creativity for much-needed project fulfillment.

Other times, the muse strikes at odd times, like while running, a mile away from pen and paper. My muse likes to hit most during those times. It’s funny, because sometimes when I go running, I’ll shove a scrap of paper and a pen in my bra (it helps to be top-heavy), but the muse refuses, for the most part, to appear unless I am scrap-less. Also prime real-estate for muse appearances are in my dreams, which is funny but annoying. On occasion, I will wake up knowing how to finish a story, or have ideas to help me complete tricky dialogue or a difficult scene. This is when waking up early in the morning and journaling before starting the day is key to the writing process. The more attention given to the muse, the more she seems to offer her guidance.

The third place my muse likes to tread is during super slippy washy-time, or as some people call it, the shower. This morning, the muse popped her head in as I was showering, with a really sweet idea that, as usual, should have occurred to me weeks ago.

I cannot complain about the influx of ideas at this time, of course, because the alternative is *crickets*.

When the muse strikes, it is best to listen, because next time she goes on strike, it might be in the manner of silence.

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