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December 15, 2010

Good day, Scurvitans, Mainlanders, and the World!

My name is Roxy Kaye, and some of you may already be familiar with my work in town (no, not *that* work), but my show at the local watering hole, The Boneyard. Owner Catty Broadsides was nice enough to allow me to display my artwork on the walls of her fine, albeit eerily haunted, establishment for a little open house action last Friday night. While I didn’t manage to sell any of my work, it was still a fun, positive experience. I haven’tĀ participatedĀ in an open house since I graduated from Scuryvtown University over two years ago, and it felt fantastic to have the opportunity to showcase my artwork once again.

While I was doing the networking thing with various lovely folks from our quaint little island town, I was informed about this website, and that I might be able to post some of my artwork here from time to time.

I have recently begun work on various elements of Scurvytown, and on that note, I would like to share with you my sketch of the Squatter Fountain, which was unfortunately destroyed a couple of months ago. This historic landmark was the first thing I saw when I set foot on Scurvytown a year ago to begin what I call my “Art Fellowship,” and it saddens me to walk past the stump of concrete every day. Plans are to re-build the statue even bigger and better in the coming year, and I plan on sketching the new fountain once it has been erected.

Ladies and gentlemen, without further ago, I share with you The Squatter Fountain:

One small squat for mankind

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