December 12, 2013

Trivia was pretty cool last night. It was a different format than what I was used to, but that didn’t really matter. I was third-wheeling it, which was fine. That sort of thing tends to have its awkward moments, but when you’re a perpetual odd-numbered wheel, it’s easy to just roll with that. <- And no, I did not even intend that pun, but damn, that is awesome. We ended up winning the game, which was awesome, and a bit unexpected, due to a few frak-ups here and there. I think the fact that the venue was so near a college campus helped, because we were all at least 10 years beyond the undergraduate experience. I tend to feel relatively unhelpful at trivia, because my knowledge base is so eclectic and strange. However, I can usually back someone up with an answer by verifying I believe it to be correct. That worked against us in one round, but we came back at the end. Our team name is Mall Goths, which I think is an incredibly fun name. I told them next time I will wear some thick eyeliner to look the part. It is definitely awesome to be part of a trivia team again, even though I don't feel like I'm the most useful contributor. Better than that was the idea of having a feminist trivia group in the first place, which happened because my friends attend a rather dude-bro based game on Monday nights. I used to play on a team like that so I definitely know the feeling. It would go like this: when I spoke up, they wouldn't listen to me, and then when I was right, they'd tell me I should have fought for my answer. It was a bit of a different vibe at feminist trivia night, and I think we should invade this space with even more of us next time. Before trivia, at dinner, which was at the dining hall at UC, I met some pretty cool people. We talked a lot about feminism and nerd-stuff. For me, I think that was the highlight of my night. I definitely need more feminism and nerd-stuff in my life, which is kind of a weird statement, because I am all about those two things anyway. Seems like there might not be room for more, but nah, remember, the TARDIS is bigger on the inside. Hehe. I mean, you gotta love a conversation that takes turns like, "Do you think Eddie Izzard is sexier as a man or in drag?" Or, "My friend told me to watch the Doctor Who episode about some kind of crying angel things." And, oh, people who haven't seen/read Game of Thrones saying, "Ooh, what is this Red Wedding thing? Who gets married?" And then talking about so-called selfie culture and how frakked up the patriarchy makes everything. So much packed into dinnertime chatter, I can't even remember it all. Plus, it didn't help matters that my brain was feeling somewhat fuzzy as I have been coming down with something ever since I donated blood on Monday morning. I think I would have been more excited and maybe even more animated at trivia if I wasn't getting sick. But I have given up on being well for the time being. Nothing says sexy like rubbing vapo-rub on your chest and crying because you are tired of feeling like crap. On that less than awesome note, I must retreat to slather on more foul-smelling goo so I can sleep tonight. Rawr?

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