December 25, 2013

“They are seasoned by rumors, I think.”
“They are seasoned by stupidity. And some of them with vodka, I have seen.”

That is a little snippet from a short story I have been trying to finish for months now. It took a turn that I didn’t want it to take and then I just kind of got stuck. I am not really sure how to proceed with it. I have tried re-writing it as it stands. I have tried just writing a new ending. I have tried picking it up at the place where it turned on me and twisting it another way. Nothing seems to be working. I really wanted to finish it, though. I think, maybe I should just continue with the idea in my head, and then try to write fresh from that. Maybe I could just take this snippet and flesh it out, see where it goes. There’s a lot of possibilities, I think, but I haven’t tried the more wild ones. I just glance at the file, grumble to myself, and then move on and try to write other things. So this piece lingers on, unfinished.

I wanted to finish a project, a small one, to have that success, so there, brain, there’s a project. Now just sit down, focus, and tap those damn words out.


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