Episode Twenty-One

December 6, 2010

The following episode is rather lengthy, and is basically a story cobbled together using various multimedia approaches. It was written for a project for one of my graduate classes.

Voter Turnout

“Crickets” <--- click to listen to the latest podcast Script below, since it mentions a "linked article," I might as well go ahead and post it. There are some slight differences in the recording. After about the fifth attempt at recording it, I realized there were some things bugging me, mostly related to clarity. From the latest issue of The Scurvitan Sandbox Podcast:

“Ahoy there, this is Magby Aarhus, bringing you the latest news from the Aarhus family bunker. Normally, I’d be bringing you my reports from Scurvytown, but while you-know-what-season is in full swing, this is the best you’ll get.

On day 2, I watched a spider build a web in the corner of the basement. I hope some insects manage to find their way into the house, or it’s going to be slim pickin’s for Charlotte A. Webbington, my new spider overlord.

That’s right, fearless listeners, only 48 hours underground, and I was already going completely stir crazy. That is what happens when your parents hold you hostage in their basement. Out of sheer boredom, I decided to sneak upstairs and try to get a recording on the sounds of the you-know-what’s as they you-know-whatever. It really is kind of “blorgish” noise, but sort of almost sounds like a toilet flushing. At least, that is the way I remembered it eight years ago.

From here on out, we can dispense with the “you know what” nonsense. Blorgbats are supposed to be nocturnal, so I conducted my field research at night, and then checked again every hour, all the way to mid-morning. You wanna know what I heard? Crickets. Okay, so not actual crickets, but nothing. And I wanted to know why.

I recorded a podcast about it, asking my fearless listeners for their opinions. However, when I went to upload it to the internet, the connection was down.

As you can imagine, as I am a digital age kind of gal, this disturbed my fragile little mind on so hardcore a level, I am not proud to admit the advanced stages of my subsequent freak-out. There were histrionics and withdrawal, as myself and the rest of the townspeople realized we were cut off from all forms of communication to and from the mainland.

A group of us met up at the Welcome Center and decided to go top-side and see if we could fix the connectivity problem, and we discovered more crickets, to continue that little metaphor. We went to the offices of the phone company to see what was wrong, like maybe a switch had been flicked off somewhere, and that’s when we discovered that there had been sabotage. I cannot pretend to understand the technical aspects of it, but field correspondent and all-around nerd Pokemondius Flack assured me that our media blackout was quite deliberate.

A lot has happened since our discovery, and I think it only prudent to show you how well our little island of misfits was able to band together in the face of adversity. Please read the linked story written by our own Captain Benjamin Tullis and edited by Scurvytown Welcome Center’s Janet Tor.”

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