Boneyard Blues

March 21, 2011

Hey guys, RoxyKaye back again, telling the dark tales of the Red Light District. Or rouge-hued tales anyway.

Which somehow, speaking of colors, takes me to the blues. The Boneyard always gives me a wicked bad case of the creepers because of the ghosts that haunt it. It’s the most-haunted landmark in town, if you didn’t know. This is apparently what happens when you build a drinking establishment on top of a graveyard. It’s rich with history, to say the least, and when you go there, you might find yourself getting schooled in more ways than you expected.

But, it’s not all creepy! Owner Catty Broadsides, pictured below, is a brilliant chef, and she was nice enough to give a rough and tumbled artist like myself a chance by putting my drawings on the walls of The Boneyard. The ghosts have even been kind enough to make sure my art doesn’t get disturbed by their ectoplasmic episodes.

Oh, and here is my drawing of the outside of the establishment, which was built using pieces of abandoned ships at the local shipyard. Kind of a grave on top of a grave, in a way, if you think about it.

The interior of The Boneyard doesn’t do the menu justice, I feel. I drew this picture from a scene on Valentine’s day, as I lurked in the shadows, people watching.

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