December 11, 2010

I believe it was The Simpson’s Ralph Wiggum who said “Oh boy, sleep! That’s where I’m a viking!”

I believe this to be true because I just looked it up on the internet and watched a clip on youtube.

When I bought my new coat, I realized that none of my adorable winter hats really match it, so I would of course have to get a new one. Poor me, right? Ha! I have been looking to get a cute hat this winter, so I figured I might find something at the Cincinnati Yelp Bazaar that was held at the American Sign Museum.

Thanks to The Spotted Goose, my friend Emily and I are now viking girls:

One more venue of note: Red Tree Galleries (see the owl pin on my coat? yeah, that’s who was selling those) – they also had a giant crochet octopus that was about 11 kinds of amazing.

All the other venues are amazing as well, but it’s time to go be a sleep viking right now, otherwise I would elaborate. It was such a great event, I could go on and on.

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