The New Buffy Movie

November 23, 2010

Yesterday, my mother emailed me three times to tell me that they’re making a new Buffy movie. Without Joss.

To be fair, she actually only emailed me once, but was having technical issues that resulted in triplicate messages.

I figured it was either that, or she was that pissed off about it. Me, I am more apathetic about it. I like the story, I like the characters. Not sure why anyone thinks that Buffy needs a reboot, but obviously someone thinks there is money to be had from it, otherwise, why bother?

I’d be interested in seeing it, and rain down my nerd judgment upon it then. Until then, it really doesn’t matter to me why stupid movie execs decide to do the stupid crap that gets churned out every single year. Show me something awesome (consistently) and maybe I will start to pay attention.

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