February 28, 2011

Hey there, folks! It’s RoxyKaye again. I have finally gotten a chance to pop over to the new shop on the Roundabout a stone’s throw from The Contract House, and the owner was nice enough to allow me to draw her portrait.

Her name is Sunday Charles, and I am not quite sure where she’s originally from, because her accent is kind of off a bit, kind of like the folks from our sister city up in Dickensville. (That’s not a reference, by the way, the sister city to Scurvytown actually is a place called Dickensville, located on the Santaland Islands way up in the frozen tundra of the north.)

Anyway, my new friend Magby showed me how to make recordings, so Ms. Charles and I recorded a little plug for her shop, Sunday’s Sundries. You can listen to it here: Sunday’s Sundries.

Also, I have been branching out from simply drawing people, which are my favorite subject matter, to drawing buildings around the town. Magby says we can set up a sort of virtual tour for folks to get a feel for what our little island looks like. She says it’ll be more fun than simply posting photographs of the buildings. Something a bit more personal about an artist’s rendering of a place, she said. I am inclined to agree.

Here is my drawing of the exterior of Sunday’s Sundries. That little cat sat outside the building for an hour, and I was beginning to think it was some kind of gross taxidermy pet, but when I got closer, it looked right at me, hissed, and marched around to the back alley.

I have one last drawing to share, but this one, I am afraid I cannot simply post without a warning. I had no idea there are all kinds of weird rules and restrictions about content that gets posted on the Internet. I had Magby look over the site so far to see if I missed anything, but luckily, nothing is in violation. I am really glad I showed her my drawings beforehand. We had to look up the warning code before I could post this drawing. Official Warning Code from the NSFW Decency Act of 2017: Code 13.6. This means that the following link labeled “Code 13.6 NSFW Drawing” should not be clicked on if you happen to suffer from clown fear.

Code 13.6 NSFW Drawing

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this week’s post.


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