December 19, 2013

A lot happened today. So I think I’ll just do a roundup.

1. I felt like crying all day. Not sure why. Maybe weird lingering closure over the conclusion of Locke & Key. Maybe not. Dunno. It wasn’t awesome. The feeling, that is. Locke & Key’s finale was solid. I had some migraine issues so probably that factors in. Just kept telling myself it would pass, and I’m actually feeling less weird now, so yay for that.

2. Weird awesome luck. Last night at trivia I found a parking spot right in front of the bar. And today I found a spot right in front of the post office where I was mailing stuff to a friend across the state. I am so impatient about those arriving on time. Cannot wait to see my friend’s reaction to the silly things I sent for her holiday party. IF they get there on time. If not, still looking forward to that reaction. My parking luck has been duly noted and appreciated, so the next time I have a hard time finding a spot somewhere, I will remember this awesome streak of luck.

3. Office white elephant gift exchange. My contribution was a knitted scarf that took me like 17 hours to make. I used yarn that my ex-husband picked out for a hat I was never going to make him. Well, neener neener, I can knit hats now, and now I don’t have your stupid yarn cluttering up my stash anymore. And the co-op student scored the scarf. Oh, the co-op student. That kid. Hahaha. So, he apparently has a friend who works at Spencer’s and he asked her to pick something out, which she did. She wrapped it and apparently cackled wildly about it. He didn’t really think much of it. Til the gift was opened at work and it was a COCK COZY (pretend I just shouted that into a megaphone). Oh my damn, how we laughed. He was so embarrassed that he called his friend and told her off for her prank. The dean walked into the office and we rushed to hide it from her. It was like, “Put it in this bag. No, it won’t fit in there.” And then we all laughed our asses off at that while the person who was holding it hid it from sight. Best office gift exchange ever.

4. Yelp event. It was pajama themed so I showed up wearing my unicorn onesie. It was at a salon just down the street from my apartment. I could have walked there in 10 minutes. In the unicorn costume. It isn’t even that cold here right now, so I totally could have. But I drove over for two reasons. One, I am getting over bronchitis, and two, I had a car full of suitcases. I’ll get to that in a minute. The event was neat. I walked in and our Yelp Community Manager saw me in my unicorn jammies and was like, “OMG is that even real?” Got my eyebrows waxed, got my nails did, and chatted with some people. Really nice to step away from such hardcore introversion and mingle a bit.

5. Suitcases. After work today, before the Yelp event, I had to drive way to the east side of town and pick up some suitcases I won in an auction. This part of Ohio is so weird that I had to drive to Kentucky and then back across the river to get there the simplest way. I bid on these suitcases so I could clean them up and turn them into containers for crafting. Bonus on scoring an entire tower of suitcases is that at least one friend was looking for 1 or 2 for the same reason, so now I can share this cool score. I totally thought I was going to get outbid at the last minute. That didn’t happen, so I had to pay up and pick them up. I want to fix one up for zine supplies, and I have this weird idea about turning another one into a roving tea party case. Not tea party in the terrible jerkface politicians who have sullied the name “tea party” sense, but awesome, with tea to drink, and snacks and stuff. Some lady told me that some old guy who is a known local re-seller said that one of the cases was worth some actual cashy money, so I’ll have to look that up and figure out if I can turn a profit on it. If so, more funds for crafts and for ye olde DragonCon fund.

So it was a bit of a whirlwind of a day. I like days like that, but they also can be so exhausting. I am glad I only have one more work day and then it’s winter break (don’t have to be back to work til Jan 2nd) and I can take some time to make some project progress and get more organized.

*editing to add- I woke up this morning and realized I hadn’t really clarified my lame excuse for needing to drive to something that I could have walked to in ten minutes. Trust that it has everything to do with laziness. The idea was that every time I drove somewhere, I could grab a couple of the suitcases from the tower and bring them inside. Which was what I did. Had to make a third trip just to get it done, and now my apartment is filled with 6 suitcases that need cleaned up, and one thing that turned out to be a wig box. Neat.

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