Second Chances

December 18, 2010

This post is not actually about second chances, but it is about a brand new finger puppet poem I wrote today.

This poem is called “A Second Chance for Sparks McHooven” and it is about a seahorse named Sparks and his co-hort, a shark named Maximus Finn.

Here is a photo of them:

Here is a recording of the poem, caution, NSFW: A Second Chance for Sparks McHooven

There is a disclaimer at the beginning, due to some content that might be sensitive to some members of the listening audience.

I hope you enjoy listening to my totally messed up subversive children’s stories!

Note: I like the part in the one-take podcast where I mess up Sparks’s name (towards the very end). It sounds like I am foreign and trying to maintain my American accent, but apparently, I am simply clumsy with the talking thing.

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  • moogy says:

    ‘Sparks McHooven’ proves that one can have both motherhood and a career. What an empowering message for young ladies everywhere! Thank you, Ms. Magee.

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