Season Two Update 1

March 21, 2011

Update on new actual episodes: currently working on Season 2, and the first episode should get posted sometime in May. Currently have 1 horrible first episode, 2nd episode scripted, and a solid 3rd episode. Previews: learning about sister city Dickinsville and the war that broke the world’s back. Gotta know more about the world to effectively populate it with wild characters, so this season is an exploration of that. Oh, and there are elements of romantic comedy thanks to my grad school class. Those romcommy episodes in particular, or excerpts from them will be part of a colloquium at school in early April.

Episode One- The Setup (a Contract Girls episode)
Episode Two- The Rub (a Capelli/Poke episode)
Episode Three- Girl, Disconnected (a Magby Aarhus episode)
Episode Four- The Kinser Journals (backstory about the war)
Episode Five- Mayday (a Captain Tullis episode)

These are tentative titles, and I actually just made up the fourth one thanks to the cliffhanger in episode three.

And the fifth one, I decided I need a Captain episode sooner rather than later!

So, I have to ask, what kind of episodes do you want to see?

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