December 10, 2010

So, I kind of needed a new coat, because my green one that I bought at Macy’s last year was starting to look like a giant green sack of potatoes on me. Mmm, potatoes. Sweet, sweet carbs, how I miss you! Such is my folly of weight loss, but for that I cannot complain. Getting healthier is the best thing I have done for myself this year.

I wanted a yellow coat because I am in love with yellow/mustard/saffron this year. Last year was my green year, this year has been all about the yellow. Next year, who knows? Immediately, my google searching lead me to, and I am now completely smitten with their wonderful website and products. I am not quite small enough to fit their sizes, but I am still a work-in-progress (aren’t we all?) so I cannot be too sad when their gorgeous dresses (for the most part) don’t fit me.

I clicked on their sale items the other day, and decided that since a cute little red coat cost half as much as the yellow one that has me weak in the knees, I might as well buy that one since I worked this week (ha!). Then, since I have a very important appointment next week for which I want to look totally cute, I decided to get a dress as well. (On that note, modcloth has free shipping on orders over $75 for for holidays FTW!)

Check it. all fuzzy because I awkwardly shot these using PhotoBooth on my macbook:

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