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December 5, 2010

Slowly, I have been migrating all the old episodes of Scurvytown over to the shiny new website, as I plan to kill the old website when it expires in April.

There are several changes that need to be made to the format and length of the Scurvytown episodes. This entire serial experiment has been a very fun one to write, and at some point, some of the fire/passion I had for it started to fade.

Additionally, there were piles of excuses: work and school, school and work, and distractions seemingly everywhere. Some of these distractions include NaNoWriMo, blogging, and job searching.

There have been several things I have not been entirely happy with regarding the story as it’s written so far. One: capping the episodes is a good idea, but I feel like the cap isn’t strict enough. As far as readability and attention-span, it seems to me that no more than 1200 words per episode is probably a better idea, so I am going to test this out and see how the story seems to flow. Two: record more podcasts. People seemed to like the podcasts, and they are a ton of fun to write. I haven’t been particularly happy with the sound quality, so I am trying to learn more about what kind of hardware and software can help me improve that. I went to a podcasting workshop at the library, but I knew as much as the instructor, who was actually quite good as a teacher. I kind of learned some things other than I had intended, which is fine because a positive learning experience is always welcome.

And now, back to the migration process, which has actually been another good learning experience for me.

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