December 29, 2013

I think I mentioned something before about taking stock of things and all that end-of-year bullcrapple and how I don’t really enjoy doing that. I am definitely not going to back-pedal on that now, like the subject of this post might suggest. I was actually thinking about minimal to-do lists. Today, my great achievement was pretty much not vomiting. I have felt like sheer crap for about 24 hours now. Barely managed to get myself to eat anything, and what I did, barely managed to stay down. It was a super un-fun kind of day.

Or maybe my great achievement for the day was remembering to return the library book I finished reading yesterday. I wrote briefly about the book yesterday, and it sadly never really did get awesome. After I finished it, I went to a party to see some friends, and was particularly excited to see some out-of-towners. This was the party where I was supposed to introduce two of my BFFs, except one of them was ill and couldn’t make it to Ohio after all. Then while I was at the party, the migraine I’d been fighting for days decided to spike (though I think the volume of folks chatting didn’t help matters any). It sounded like no matter where I went, everyone was yelling, even if they were quietly talking. Hell, even if no one was really saying anything at all. I tried to go outside and get some fresh air, but that only increased the nausea. So I had to cave in and go home before I started feeling worse, like too sick to drive home.

I very tearfully said goodbye to the friends I had barely gotten to chat with. They are so awesome, they hugged me until I wasn’t so upset anymore, and told me they love me. I probably cried a little bit more with how much I needed to hear that. Then I possibly got a low-key NYE invite from another friend, where I’ll undoubtedly be odd-numbered wheeling it, but whatever, it is better than being completely alone. Alone was the other icky thing about today. If I hadn’t gone to the library and then to pick up something to eat, I probably wouldn’t have talked to another single person. An older gentleman held a door open for me while my hands were full, and I smiled and thanked him, and he smiled back. That was my one real human interaction for the day, and it was kind of nice.

I skipped over one other thing, which was maybe making some plans to see the friends who I barely got to see last night. There’s at least one interesting convention in the town they live in, apparently over Memorial Day weekend, so I might make it a priority to visit them this year. It always feels good to be around people who care, right?

My thought in titling this “lists” was a thought I had earlier today, about the things I was trying to get accomplished while on winter break. Today I really just wanted to 1) feel better 2) return a book to the library and 3) take a nap. Easily done, and thankfully feeling better is starting to happen. Then I decided at about 9pm to start organizing some comic books in my closet. In doing that, I had to remove a bunch of old boxes and the cat carriers. My poor orange cat has been hissing and flipping her shit ever since she saw the cat carriers, and I’ve already put them back into the closet. Soon enough, she’ll forget about it and stop being a little freak.

Organizing the comics was on my list of things I wanted to do while on winter break, so I was glad my sick and somewhat dehydrated brain decided to do it. I found some things I was glad to find, and some things I never heard of that seem pretty cool (I sort of inherited a bunch of comics which is why I didn’t know what all I had). I still need to get to the point where I know enough to flip some of the comics for cash, and to just dump off the rest. It’d be sweet if some of the Daredevil shit was worth something, because that character is such a fucker.

I have three more days left of vacation, and right now, I am not really sure what I have left that I want to get done. Writing-wise, I still want to finish one story. I intended to have that done by tonight, and I thought about the story some, and where it took that wrong turn. I even started to write a new thing, but couldn’t quite get into it. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day for all of that.

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