Let’s Write Some Wrongs!

August 21, 2011

When I read something that is “out there,” meaning released into the world and generating income for the writer, and it’s something that sucks outright, it’s incredibly frustrating. This is the arrogance/ego of the writer, I know. Apparently this is expected of writers. If arrogance is in any way self-confidence, and if either can be mistaken (or interchanged for the other), then I suppose I have some semblance of either. (After re-reading this paragraph, I see that it is clearly some of that bad writing I needed to get out of my system.)

My response to unfortunate writing has always been the sarcastic jerk approach. I enjoy going purposefully writing my own very wrong/horrible narratives/poems/etc. as satire. This possibly falls into the “amusing only to me” category.

It’s funny how seeing something that feels written wrong to me acts as a trigger/ prompt for my own work. Even if what I am writing is crap, sometimes you have to let the bad out in order to get to the good stuff, to unlock the worthy content.

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