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February 23, 2011

Tales from graduate school:

One of my favorite things about the amazing professor who teaches the romcom class is how funny his lectures are. It makes the learning part more effective, for me at least, because the ability to be amused by the subject matter infuses a deeper sense of “getting it.”

While I was taking notes tonight, there were a couple of statements that jumped out at me as hilarious.

1. “They used they word virgin, which today makes it no more racy than an episode of Rachael Ray.”

2. “At night, the men’s clothes and the women’s clothes get together, and that’s how we get more clothes.”

The second one is what I mean when I say his jokes remind me of Joss Whedon’s style of humor. The inflection when he says something funny has that typical Joss vibe as well. I doubt I’ll take a more amusing class throughout graduate school, but I would love to be proven wrong on that.

And then, because I have filter issues and sometimes forget where I am, I happened to mention awkwardboners.com. Out loud, in the middle of class. Wow. Talk about awkward. Luckily, we moved right along with the subject matter, because at least it was relevant to the topic.

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