First Zine

December 18, 2013

I made my first little zine-like book last night. It was really more of a holiday card, and kind of more like a song book. I was going to write the whole thing out, but I forgot that Sharpies bleed through (especially on plain copy paper). It was a good lesson on technique, though, that I will have to be mindful of in the future. So, content-wise, this was basically just a re-writing of the “12 Days of Christmas,” so all I really needed to write were the the 12 things, which is the way I ended up doing it. Simplify!

It only ended up being a few pages long, but still, I’m calling it my first zine. One of a kind! Small project, successfully completed, in an evening. I think once I get into a groove on making these and work out some of the kinks, this is going to be so freaking awesome. It’s a really fun outlet for my creative energies, and I really like the idea of being able to reproduce a bunch of them, once I get some templates made and such.

I was going to write a little more about this, but today was last issue of Locke & Key day, and I really want to just read it and cry myself to sleep. I have only looked at a few of the pages, and already it is looking like I am going to be a bit upset with the story. I don’t often get that tied up in a storyline that I have that kind of reaction, but this has been such a beautifully crafted and illustrated story, that I am not sure I can really help it in this case. And I’m cool with that, because reading this story has been an absolute joy, even at the times it was like getting my heart ripped out. I might make tomorrow’s post about that, actually, not the icky emotional stuff, but about Locke & Key.

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