December 14, 2013

One of the problems with trying to write a blog post every day is trying to come up with something interesting to say. Since I am incredibly ill and haven’t done much but sleep all day, other than the hour I spent at dance class, despite probably not being well enough to be there, I am really not sure what to post about.

I needed some background noise this morning and saw that there was a sci-fi show on Netflix I hadn’t seen before, so I clicked on it. It’s called Continuum, and, for me, it falls under the category of super problematic science fiction. The tech seems kind of silly, but it’s fun to think about it… even if it’s incredibly intrusive and bridges a gap between people being spied on 24/7 and actually being controlled.

The first episode had a moment that was so racist, I think my mouth was actually hanging open for awhile. Then I realized, all the “good” guys were white, while many of the so-called bad guys were people of color. Later episodes have some serious flunking of the Bechtel test, and many instances of the female lead needing to have her assed saved by a man. Lines grey a bit more about the good/bad guy thing later on, and the female lead seems like a metaphor for “the system.”

Anyway, at this point, I am almost through the entire first season, and I feel compelled to keep watching in case the story actually takes an interesting twist (kind of like how Fringe did in their first season). Current overall assessment is that it’s the kind of show that is probably best to watch while feeling like twelve kinds of hell. And if it ends up getting worse, at least I can warn friends off from wasting their time with it. I guess.

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