Clothing Swap

December 16, 2013


Making one of those faces that makes my mom say, “Oh honey, can’t you smile?” Yes, I can, and I do, quite often. Smiling is the shit, yo! Speaking of things that make me smile, check out my sweet poster from that time I met the awesome ladies of Shonen Knife.

Anyway, this dress was my favorite score at the clothing swap I went to yesterday. I almost didn’t take the sweater, but I liked the look of it with the dress, so I figured, what the heck? One of my favorite parts of the swap is liberating items from my closet that will look great on others. I actually brought the item most lusted after, that would fit none of us who were present, sadly. Curses to stretch-free fabrics, right? I think we’re doing another swap in a few months. Certainly, I will be ready to part with some more stuff by then. Yay, less closet clutter, and double yay for when my old clothing looks even more awesome on other people than it ever looked on me. Actually, that part is extra fun because usually it’s not something someone else would have even tried on in a store, so it makes it extra awesome when they find something that suits them well. Oh, and another awesome thing is that my friend planned to take the un-swapped clothes to the “Dress for Success” program at her institution.

Moving on from that, I had some more ideas today for making some progress on some writing projects. It’s funny, sitting here wearing someone else’s clothes, I think about writing from that frame of mind. Which, honestly, that is kind of a ridiculous idea, but it’s really just more fiction. Haha, I like how I contradicted my own line of thinking mid-sentence. Oh, writing, you sultry minx. Clearly, I’ve gone from pensive to silly in no time, so I think I will just stop right there, with a picture and a messy rambling thought.

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