Can’t Move My Eyebrows

October 7, 2016

As I begin this post, I think about the weird spambot messages it is sure to field. The summer was hot and kinda of disgusting. There’s a musty smell of damp basement whenever the air conditioner kicks on, and between that and everything my neighbors smoke filtering into my living space, suffice it to say it was a hot and stank ass summer. A summer of migraines.

At times, they were so bad, I could barely lift my head without wincing. Not only my head hurt, but the worse pain was in my face, as my sinuses were swollen and achy. I had more ocular migraines this past summer than I normally do in a single calendar year. I failed all the meds that my doctors could throw at me, and ended up on the path to Botox.

Botox is weird. I would never have had it done if I hadn’t reached a point of desperation. And I finally got some relief. Could be the Botox, could be the Blutech lenses I wear almost all the time now, and it could be a change in diet that my allergist steered me toward. It’s probably all those things. At a point when I was afraid getting better wouldn’t happen, slowly I started to improve. I may not be able to move my eyebrows, which is apparently either hilarious or adorable depending on who you ask, but I would say it was worth it. I won’t be singing that tune during the next Botox appointment, since it involves 30+ shots to the head and face. Kinda like wearing a space helmet with bees trapped inside. Angry, stinging bees.

Anyway, been throwing a bit of time at Scurvytown lately, getting feedback from an awesome writer friend, and getting my writing confidence back. The things that have returned to me with my health are all good, positive things. And about the Botox: it’s damn near impossible to frown these days. It’s a nice side effect.

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