December 13, 2013

I finally caved into actually believing I am sick. I decided to go to work, even though I spent half the night tossing and turning because my throat hurt so badly. In my head, in and out of consciousness, I was conflicted between going to work to get some last-minute papers from my students or calling in sick and going to the doctor. I ended up doing both, realizing after a meeting that I needed to call the doctor and see if I could get in. Luckily, they had an opening at the doctor’s office, so I left early.

The doctor said from my symptoms that I most likely have bronchitis, so that was that. Went to the pharmacy for some meds and such. I got some cough drops and a few other things while I was there. While waiting for the automated text to let me know that my prescription was ready, I went to the awesome Indian restaurant across the street, which ended up being the only thing I could get myself to eat today. Other than some sketchy “Pecan Pie” flavored Pringles that I found at the Walgreens.

The rest of the day was kind of a blur. I knitted some, listened to Science Friday, tried and failed to nap. I think I was almost asleep when my little orange cat decided the thing that would make me feel best was petting her. Who could resist (ignore) her insistent cries and headbutts?

After that, I listened to the new BeyoncĂ© album that the Internet was exploding about. It was pretty damn amazing. Can’t wait to give it some more spins. While I was listening, I made some art. Getting closer to really being able to visualize a project I started earlier this week. Hopefully, I’ll make some more progress on that this weekend. At the moment, my head is so fuzzy, I can barely remember what day it is.

I had to bail on an open mic tonight, since I have almost no voice. I really felt gutted about missing it, and will probably have to miss the one going on tomorrow night as well. By 9pm, I needed to decide whether or not to bail on my dance class. I decided what the hell, might as well attempt to go. Worst case I either pass out or cough so hard I barf. Though for the time being the coughing is under control, I expect it to get worst before it gets better. So, I guess I had better rest up for class, but more importantly, I hope the rest helps me heal faster. I am such crap at being sick, and the slight fever I have been running all day makes everything all squishy and weird. <-likeso

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