December 9, 2013

What to write when you don’t have a lot to say? I mean, at the moment, because I actually have many thoughts about many topics. But in this moment I am out of words, because of exhaustion, and a day that had more obstacles than solutions. Tomorrow will have those solutions, no worries there, but today, I am feeling a bit drained.

It’s finals week where I teach, and I had my last two classes today. The first class went well, but the second was kind of rowdy and I was just exhausted and feeling a bit done with it all. Didn’t help matters that the blood drive on campus was today and I figured I could squeeze that into my schedule along with everything else. Then there was IT drama and last minute student drama and boss drama and some other IT drama, and it’ll all be totally fine, but it was a lot to juggle in one day.

The very bright side to the day was being told by a few students that they enjoyed my class. These students thanked me for teaching them, and in turn, I had to thank them right back for doing the work. It was a somewhat emotional moment for me, realizing that I helped to make a difference for these students. One of them even told me that he liked my class best of all this classes, because of how we all interacted and had conversations together. That was such a triumph. I immediately made a mental note to try to figure out how to initiate the kinds of conversations we had in that class, because those students really came together and asked some great questions.

But now, being home, after 11 hours at work, I almost fell asleep in the bathtub, and I am so tired that it’s taking all my energy just to remain upright and typing. So yeah, gonna go to bed at 9pm on a Monday night, probably wake up at 4am with a brain wide awake and full of ideas. Actually, that sounds pretty okay.

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