February 10, 2011

I am finally designing a map for Scurvytown. It is more than a little difficult to keep all the various locations and people straight, so comes the time for a massive re-haul/organization.

In the coming weeks, there will be some revealing images of the town, and it should start to take shape as more of a real location than ever before. A lot of factors have gone into consideration. For instance, what type of architecture can one expect to see prevalent in the town? Are the buildings well kept or rundown? Do we see a seaside theme, or rather surprisingly, do we find that the buildings look completely out of place on an island that is most likely situated in the Gulf of Mexico? Or is there a rather disturbing amount of disparity between different sections of town? I could go on and on, but I’ll stop that line of questioning right there.

The artist in residence (or as I like to call her, Best Mom Ever) has been drawing her fingers off before she goes on vacation next week, and actually, considering her vacation destination (near the Gulf-side of Florida), I am hoping she gets inspired to draw a few more buildings based on her surroundings. Like, perhaps the Welcome Center, Doc Popov’s office, and the residential housing. Some run-down buildings and urban decay would be great as well, especially the remnants of the newspaper factory that was briefly mentioned in the beginning episodes. Some general ideas for the magnificence of The Squatter Foundation would be nice, too, though I myself have not fully considered the size/location of such a place. Thus my needing to create a general map of the town in order to help with the building sketches.

I am absolutely thrilled to get to share my mother’s most recent drawings with folks, as what I have seen so far looks like it was completely plucked out of my imagination, with little advice/suggestions from myself. She has really done an amazing job with the little I have given her, and her character drawings just keep getting better and better. However, since these particular drawings are tied into a school project, I might not be posting them until the project is due, though I expect as I really get into the dirt of the project, I’ll be fun to share a sketch or two.

And on that note, music to listen to while drawing maps:

Maps by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

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